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When we think about bacteria, we often think that they are the micro organism that causes diseases and illnesses. Example of a disease causing bacteria is the Streptococcus which causes a strep throat. There are many species of bacteria, some of them are bad but some of them are good. They can be found in the highest mountain and they can be found in the deepest of the sea. But bacteria play an important role in our ecosystem as our ecosystem depends on their activities. Their heavy labor is the cause of a complete cycle of nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and sulfur which we need.

Bacteria are single cell that are complex yet fascinating. They can live in the highest boiling point and they can also live in the freezing point and they are the earliest form of life that appeared on earth. The shape of bacteria have different kinds, they have stick like or rod like shape, round shape and the spiral shape. These bacteria live in clusters so they can form into pair, chains, squares or other kinds of groupings. Bacteria’s are so small that you can only see them in a microscope.

Now, how can you create an art from the bacteria? You might think. Bacteria have natural colors. Some of them may contain pigments like the chlorophylls which has a natural color of green, yellow, orange and brown. If the bacteria has turned into colonies of millions they turn into pink, yellowish and sometimes white.

In Bacteria Art, a scientist would grow the different kinds of bacteria into a Petri dish. A Petri dish is a cylindrical container with a lid where biologists use to study cells. This is how scientist studies the bacteria’s in order for them to create new antibiotics. The bacteria then create colonies and therefore make a very unique pattern that will very much look like an art with different colors. This is now what they call a Bacteria Art. These bacteria arts can be only seen properly with the use of a microscope. I do not recommend you to start doing some bacteria art for yourself as they are not really safe. These bacteria’s are used by scientist to help us fight sicknesses by discovering new medicines.

Here are the billions of bacteria that were put in a Petri dish. This is from Eshel Ben-Jacob ( et al, of the Tel- Aviv University.


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